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Operational Protocol Between Youth Justice Service, Children's Services and Housing in respect of Young People in Need of Accommodation upon Release

The following areas of good practice are to be followed:

  • The YJS will refer any young person in custody (not currently open to CSC) known to have accommodation needs on release to CSC for assessment. Risk factors relating to offending behaviour will be taken into consideration in determining appropriate accommodation;
  • Responsibility for resolving accommodation needs for young people (cases open to CSC) rests with CSC who will work in close partnership with the YJS to ensure that risk factors relating to offending behaviour will be taken into consideration in determining appropriate accommodation;
  • All young people will be notified about where they will live and who will support them no later than 14 days prior to the earliest potential date of release to ensure that appropriate licence conditions can be agreed;
  • Young people under the age of 18 will not be referred to bed and breakfast accommodation post release;
  • Young people will be introduced to relevant supported accommodation providers pre release and understand rules and expectations of the house;
  • Where young people are known to be in need of accommodation the YJS / Leaving Care worker will endeavour to complete the Passport to Housing Programme with relevant BwD young people in custody;
  • The YJS will ensure that relevant accommodation providers, social workers, housing officers are invited to relevant planning and review meetings including YJS Multi Agency Risk Meetings (MARM), MAPPA etc.
  • Supporting People will take account of the needs of young people in custody in accommodation need when agreeing provider contracts to promote provider support in interviewing young people in custody where ROTL (Release on Temporary Licence) is not possible;
  • The YJS/CSC agree to share relevant risk information with providers to ensure that both staff and residents are not at risk;
  •  Former Looked after Children in Custody - Applies to young people formerly accommodated under Section 20 who lose their CioC status as a result of being sentenced to custody. These young people must be visited regularly by a representative of the local authority worker (Children Act 1989 Guidance and Regulations 2010 Section 23ZA) who is responsible for maintaining their care or pathway plan in custody and on release. They are responsible for completion of an assessment within 20 days of the imposition of a custodial sentence to inform sentence and release planning which includes the arrangement of suitable accommodation and support on release.

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