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Case Closure Managerial Practice Note

1. Cases Closed Following only a Child and Family Assessment

In these circumstances if the outcome of the Child and Family assessment is NFA then a Referral Closure Record will not be generated.

2. Cases to be Closed Following a Period of CIN/ CP/LAC Intervention

Cases to be closed following a period of CIN / CP / LAC intervention will generate a Referral Closure Record.

The Referral Closure Record should present the rationale for CSC intervention ceasing. This should include a summary of the child's journey during the period of intervention which should link the presenting circumstances prompting referral to the current outcomes for this child with reference to identification of HRI's, URF's, parental capacity, how previous unmet need have been addressed and or how identified risk has been reduced risk.

Any step down to preventative services should be recorded here. Parents and child's views in relation to case closure should also be clearly recorded.

3. In all Cases

A managerial oversight case note should be completed by the TM in all cases prior to referral closure.

The case note should be recorded as:

  • DETAILED NOTES – Section should reference consideration to the checklist below.

4. Case Closure Checklist

Please record a case note to confirm that the following actions have been complete prior to closure – record as case note (from drop down box):

  1. Assessment shared with parents/those with parental responsibility and where appropriate the young person. Evidence of their views of the assessment recorded. – date this was complete.
  2. Parents, child(ren)/YP, involved agencies and universal services are aware of case closure – date this was complete.
  3. Chronology to be updated.
  4. Case Summary to be updated – if required
  5. All case notes up to date and finalised.
  6. Demographics are accurate – i.e. details of significant family members including current contact details.
  7. Ensure that all actions in Initial Management Oversight case note have been completed.  If deemed not necessary, reason for this should be recorded.
  8. Ensure that all actions outlined in supervision have been completed. If deemed not necessary, reason for this should be recorded.
  9. Case closure letter to be sent to parents/those with PR – admin to process this, please send email to AST Admin requesting this.

Trix procedures

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