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1.1.7 Mentoring and Befriending Service


This chapter was updated in February 2016 highlighting the appointment of the mentor will also be for a child subject to a Child Protection Plan. 

The appointment of a mentor, for a Looked After Child, child subject to a Child Protection Plan or Child in Need, is appropriate where the child requires support to enhance their social skills, self-esteem and confidence. The child will be matched with an appropriately trained volunteer mentor who will provide an informal, one to one package of support. Once matched, the mentor will help the child to set realistic goals and access local support and recreation services.

Blackburn with Darwen Borough Council commission an independent Mentoring and Befriending Service. Where the appointment of a Mentor is deemed appropriate, the child’s social worker will make a referral to the commissioned service.

The commissioned service will make contact with the child and start the matching process. If the child objects to having a mentor, the appointment of a mentor must not be made.

Regular updates on the child’s progress will be reported to the child’s social worker by the Mentor Coordinator. In the case of a Looked After Child, the mentor may be asked to attend the child’s Looked After Review, if the child requests it.

The need to continue with the appointment of the Mentor should be regularly reviewed. The child’s needs, wishes and feelings will be the main consideration in deciding the need for the continued appointment.