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6.2.28 Adoption Cases Tracking Panel Procedure


This chapter was amended in August 2017 and should be read throughout.

This panel started in early 2013 with a view that children who have a Care Plan for adoption should be reviewed. This panel takes place bi-monthly for 1.5 hours.

This meeting is attended by:

  • Head of Service (Permanence);
  • Service Leader (Placements);
  • Team Manager (Adoption);
  • Adoption Social workers (as appropriate);
  • Administrator.

Its aim is to track, discuss and record the following:

  1. Progress in relation to family finding in respect of children with an adoption plan;
  2. Identify and address any issues arising in relation to family finding;
  3. Discuss the continuing appropriateness of adoption as a plan and consider alternatives as appropriate;
  4. Consider all the adoptive placements made and any issues relating to these plus timescales for Adoption Orders being applied for.

Each panel focuses on the above areas.


Adoption Team Manager provides Administrator with an up to date list of cases that will be focused on in the next panel including those for which Family Finding is being undertaken and those where adoptive placements have been made awaiting Adoption Order (bi-monthly).

Administrator creates the agenda and invites relevant Adoption social workers to time slots.
Following panel, minutes are input on the Adoption Tracking rolling spreadsheet by the Administrator and sent out to the Panel members.